Service Overview

UX one stop shop – Lab, remote moderated & unmoderated, in the wild, market research, conversion rate optimisation & expert analysis.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation Studies
  • Independent Expert Asset Reviews
  • Usability Testing: desktop, smartphone, tablet, tablet, TV, video
  • User Experience Strategy
  • Voice of the Customer & CX programmes
  • Moderated & Unmoderated Testing
  • Eye Tracking
  • In the Wild: customers, partners, guerilla testing
  • Market Research

We have 3 social labs set-up to accommodate 1 to 1 and family/group testing in a comfortable ‘living room’ type environment. These environments are ideal for testing mobile, tablet, web & TV content. Multiple cameras and microphones record all the interaction & engagement in a secure, sound-proof lab.

For SPACE UX is all about Socialising and Testing Content: Analysing an impartial participant’s interpretation, perception, interaction and reaction in a state of the art environment. Stakeholders and observers can analyse and interpret each live testing session as it unfolds.

Our clients focus on driving online ecommerce (B2C) performance through a conversion rate optimisation programme which in turn delivers a clear Return on Investment by

  • Increasing overall site conversion rates
  • Reducing shopping basket abandonment rates
  • Reducing checkout funnel abandonment rates
  • Increasing average order values
  • Increasing average order quantities
  • Improving marketing campaign conversion rates

Or, in a B2B context the ROI can be measured in terms of time saved, better quality forecasting, and timely completion of tasks, conversion from suspect through prospect and client.

Typically a full service moderated test comprises of the following stages:

  • Test Plan: what, why, how, when and where are we testing.
  • Scenarios/User Stories: what are tasks are we asking the client to undertake?
  • Moderated/Facilitated test sessions to carry out the task based scenarios in a secure environment with recording facilities
  • Observation: Understanding user behaviour and the experience of users is extremely powerful.

The costs of a usability research test or conversion rate optimisation programme are dependent on the client brief. SPACE is ideally placed to assist client’s with their user experience strategy and have assisted many brand names and SME’s with their digital performance improvements.

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