Looking to Drive Your Conversion Rate by Improving Usability?


If so, you should check out SPACE.

Testing TV, mobile, tablet, video & web content in a lab environment

The proposition at SPACE extends into 6 key areas:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Independent Expert Asset Reviews
  • Usability testing: desktop, smartphone, tablet, tablet, TV, video
  • User Experience StrategyModerated & Unmoderated Testing
  • Eye Tracking

The SPACE UX Labs are available to any organisation looking to improve the performance of their digital assets: website, mobile apps, tablet content, video, interactive broadcast, gaming and even physical space e.g. shopper marketing

SPACE offers a compelling proposition to agencies & brands for whom the customer and user experience is paramount. The Labs provide the opportunity to deliver first-class testing on a pay as you go basis. When you see SPACE you will understand why there’s no need for to invest in your own UX labs because there are 4 labs and a team already assembled in MediaCityUK.

Many of  our clients have not previously undertaken usability testing. We introduce, inform and guide our clients in the latest thinking around ecommerce conversion rate optimisation, usability testing and techniques.

For more information about the Labs or to arrange a visit, please call Jon Parker 07710 359420 or email: jon.parker@imediaux.com

Hours & Info
0161 686 5798 / 07710 359420
Monday - Saturday
Open 24hrs

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