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Devil's Playground is a American documentary film directed by Lucy Walker about the experiences of several Amish youths who decide whether to remain. Directed by Lucy Walker. With Velda Bontrager, Mark Bontrager, Dewayne Chupp, Dylan Cole. Amish teenagers experience and embrace the modern world as. On the day of their sixteenth birthdays, every Amish child is given free reign to Nominated for thee Emmys, DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND offers an unflinching look.

Product Description. Devil's Playground explores the Amish ritual of Rumspringa, a coming-of-age "time for decision" presented to Amish youth when they must. The fascinating documentary Devil's Playground shows that the two aren't mutual exclusive, and they can both apply to Amish teenagers. SYNOPSIS: Devil's Playground is a documentary film by Lucy Walker which explores the Amish adolescent rite of passage called “rumspringa” (pronounced .

"Devil's Playground" is a documentary of the Amish youth culture explaining the coming of age ritual named Rumspringa. The opening of the.

When Amish youths turn sixteen, they are given the opportunity to embark on a Directed by two-time Oscar nominee Lucy Walker, DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND is.

When they turn 16, Amish teenagers are allowed to explore the customs of the outside "English" world -- including alcohol, drugs and sex.

So says an Amish teenager reflecting on rumspringa, a period period chronicled in the new documentary, “Devil's Playground,” by Lucy.

Filmmaker Lucy Walker directed Devil's Playground, an award-winning full- length documentary film about the culture of Amish teenagers. This documentary by Lucy Walker is about the Amish — a Christian denomination. The Amish church was founded in by a group of Europeans that. -The Amish Church was founded in in Europe by group of Christians that felt it was wrong to baptize infants, and that only an adult can.

And the Amish religion forbids picture-taking, anyway. So ''Devil's Playground,'' which has its premiere Thursday night on Cinemax.

What it is: Lucy Walker's documentary, "Devil's Playground," gives the public a rare glimpse into the closed world of the Amish, a strict. This tumultuous period, which the Amish call rumspringa—the Pennsylvania Dutch word for “running around”—is the focus of Devil's Playground, a documentary. Although the Amish live in traditionally conservative enclaves, Devil's Playground was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Rating.

- Buy Devil's Playground ~ Amish Rumspringa Documentary at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. See reviews & details on a wide. When Amish teens turn 16, they have the opportunity to venture out in the "Devil's Playground" (the Amish's term for the outside world) and indulge in. Rumspringa refers to the Amish rite of passage that begins when Amish to as the “English World” and the adults in the community call the “Devil's Playground.

Devil's Playground is a documentary following the lives of several different Amish teens in LaGrange County, Indiana. The film shows the teens during a period. Devil's Playground is a documentary on Amish children in the Rumspringa stage. The movie shows the lives of kids who were debating. One of the best-buzzed docu entries at Sundance this year, "Devil's Playground" sheds eye-opening light on a little-known Amish tradition.

In an unprecedented documentary, Devil's Playground offers an unflinching look at the effects of this culture shock on such previously guileless Amish teens.

“Devil's Playground” documents Amish teenagers “rumspringa,” a “Every night's a party,” explains Faron Yoder, an Amish youth whose.

She thought they were very memorable," says Walker, whose breakthrough Devil's Playground gave us unforgettable portraits of Amish.

"For most kids, rumspringa is like going out to get a vaccination," says one of the young Amish interviewed for "Devil's Playground," being.

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Those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the Amish people — and that will find “Devil's Playground” an utterly fascinating documentary. Emma Miller (Featured in Devil's Playground ). Emma Miller Emma left the Amish when she was 16 so she could continue her education. She is now. “Devil's Playground” is the term the Amish use for the world outside their own insular community. This documentary, with the same name, takes.

"Now learn a parable of the fig tree; when his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh. So, likewise ye, when.

Here is Lucy Walker's (director of Devil's Playground) website. She gives you a little information about what happened to Faron Yoder after they. What do Amish teens do that other Amish would consider "deviant"? That we would also consider deviant? Drink, smoke, use drugs, drive a car, wear English . The movie Devil's Playground depicts the common Amish adolescent undergoing “rumspringa” (2) which is a liminal province of being for the.

Devils Playground structural Breakdown. Set UP. 0 Horse Buggy/ title cards Intro Amish and Rumspringa background info. 2 "We Believe" audio montage all.

The Devil's Playground is a fascinating and moving documentary about a little- known aspect of Amish life. Amish are not permitted to join the church until their.

✅. In the documentary “The Devils Playground” the Amish youth are allowed out of their community to experience the world. The devils. support how some Amish practices like Rumspringa and shunning have a significant like marijuana and cocaine (Devil's Playground ). Amish kids drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex, and watching TV. The Amish realize that 16 year old kids cannot be controlled and forcing those.

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