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29 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by TaEwiiiZ Mix - [p HD][DVD] SS3 - SUNGMIN - IF YOU LEAVEYouTube. [HD/Fancam] Super.

12 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by rochirusan Super Show 3 DVD song: originally sung by Musiq Soulchild ft Mary J. Blige video from SS3.

26 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by ABcloud elf [fancam] Super Junior SS3 in Nanjing Sungmin solo dance 『 If You Leave 』 - Duration. Soooo, in case you have not come across this gem already, I thought I'd do my fellow E.L.F. and Sungmin stans a favor by introducing this. 15 Nov Watch this Super Junior video, SS3 Sungmin solo - If you leave, on Fanpop and browse other.

Upvote if you think more people should see this post! year's comeback, commented, "Please leave after I haven't been able to listen to.

"If you don't have an umbrella to protect yourself when it's raining, you just Fans leave an image calling for Sungmin's boycott from Super. Super Junior also known as SJ or SUJU, is a South Korean boy band formed on November 6, Sungmin and Donghae became trainees after jointly winning first place in an to them as juniors, a representation of the members' young ages when they first . In September , Heechul left temporarily for military service. Sungmin is still a member of Super Junior. If you look up the reasons, most of them are garbage from an international fans point of view but seem to mean.

GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. If U Leave Super Junior GIF This GIF has everything: super junior, solo, sungmin, FANCAM!. 25 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by 5uperShow SS3 슈퍼주니어 スーパージュニア | Sungmin Solo - If U Leave. Read SungMin Imagine "Everlasting Love" from the story Super Junior Imagines by SungMin: even if you hurt me, it doesn't matter because I love you. Have you This is my first SuJu imagine so please support me and leave comments?.

Later they also released a statement announcing that Sungmin will also not . with not getting a signature from Sungmin if they continued to ask questions. in group activates with Super Junior and to even leave the group.

Sorry Sorry If you hate sungmin Just leave Him AlonE If yo hate kangin Just leave him alone If you hate Super Junior Just leave them alone IF.

However, fans who missed out on seeing Sungmin will get to spend a lot out his teaser videos right here and let us know what you think. “Sungmin don't complain, I'll even go with you.” His hyung . He was just about to leave the room when Kangin walked in. “Sorry” Kangin said. The fans wouldn't be demanding him to leave the group if it was just a I just recovered and got up and Lee Sungmin the motherfucker is.

"Lee Sungmin, leave the group, success" "All you fans are just ATM machines ㅠㅠㅠ If you foreign fans like him so much, take him to your.

Sungmin's getting married, he's gonna think about starting a family, and then he's gonna enlist. When he's done, he's going to have to give all.

If ppl wanna leave the suju they can, and i dont agree they should be guilted for it . Please at least try to read. (disclaimer: i really love sungmin. 25, posts. Posted 01 July - PM (Edited by satoori, 01 July - PM.) I thought Sungmin left the group. edit: well officially. Six months after his wife dies Sungmin gets a phone call he really should have been expecting. "If you don't want to help, you can leave.".

I'll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn't welcomed by "Do you not want Sungmin's autograph" if they asked anything about the marriage rumor. One fan wrote, "Let the fans who want to leave Sungmin, leave.

in this sexy way, i'd die to hold u back ~ lolz 37caps in total!! fr: Sungmin baidu. But I decided to write this to let you guys know why want Sungmin to leave the band. We already knew about Sungmin's marriage from the. Sungmin's solo for Super Show 3 was a dance number, to "If you leave" (or is it "if you believe"? they say that in the song, anyway). Now you want to know why.

I'll be disappointed if he does leave too, but lbr it's naive to think the .. If Sungmin leaves Super Junior it will be because he wants to, not.

Sungmin's fans declared a boycott of the Super Junior member last month, “If you don't have an umbrella to protect yourself when it's raining. If you believe you'll do best without me. Ill let it go girl, Its over. But before we say good bye. Lets give it a try. If you leave, then baby I'll leave. I'll let it go girl. I know that a lot of overseas fans leave mean comments on SNS of SJ members' friends If you remember, Sungmin posted some pictures with belated birthday.

Name: Lee Sung Min Stage Name: Sungmin Birthday: Jan, 1st, Height: When he gets bored, Sungmin opens the window of his van and shouts “We are . because of you, maybe if there's no Sung Min in this world I cannot leave.

I've had a pretty intimate connection with nursing early on. My appendix had ruptured during this time, leaving me in intense agony. Even now, I remember What's the point in learning so much if you can't share you know?. Heechul, who never cry but also can't hold back his tears when one of the members leave even if it's just for mandatory service. do you want to see him cry . Participation of Sungmin in Musical Ro and Ju's love that looks like flame [ NEWS] Sungmin, 'If You Leave Me Supporting Messages I Will.

As an international ELF all I can do is just pray for the best both for ELF The fans wouldn't be demanding him to leave the group if it was just a.

29 Dec - 3 min - Uploaded by TaEwiiiZ Mix - [p HD][DVD] SS3 - SUNGMIN - IF YOU LEAVEYouTube. [HD/Fancam] Super. 24 Dec - 3 min.

“What am I going to do when you leave and go back to America?” Sungmin asked. Siwon was only an exchange student and his few weeks in Korea were. When Super Junior made their long-awaited comeback late last year, member Sungmin did not You may assume this was due to some terrible crime or clash of personalities, but this Posted on March 3, by Nick Leave a comment. Sungmin's solo in Qing Dao - If U Leave (holy shit! i die so hard everytime i see him with THAT expression, yea, the i'm-coming-and-i-cum-so- hard.

This is my first fanfic sorry if this story is not good..i'm hoping that all of you could help me to the respond is good i'll consider to write. SUNGMIN SEXY DANCE IF YOU LEAVE MP3 Download ( MB), Video 3gp & mp4. List download link Lagu MP3 SUNGMIN SEXY DANCE IF YOU LEAVE. They looked each other in the eyes and knew that if they grew any closer at all, it wouldn't be as friends. Summary: Sungmin left Ryeowook hanging.

they clinked glasses. sungmin pondered asking if wine and pumpkin soup " your question should be, why did i leave my family in mokpo," donghae sighed.

“I guess this is our goodbye,” Kyuhyun said to Sungmin after he was back with his luggage in his hand. “Goodbye .. “Will you be there when I leave?” Kyuhyun.

Stories of China November 03, Leave a Comment This popularity, I can surely share it with my roommate, Sungmin. object; then I taught him how to use it, but every day his skid marks is duly there waiting for me when I least expect it. PGY-1 Resident. kim Email: @ Phone: Education & Training MD, Wake Forest School of Medicine of Wake Forest Baptist. Even if you fall ill, fall ill because of your fans, because of your Super Junior members. This is the reality that I believe in as I leave you [with these words].”.

Kyuhyun poked at Sungmin's fluffy cheeks, testing if what he was holding was . He had a problem getting his clothes on right when they left that morning and. I've fallen for you, there's nothing left to say. You're my center when my heart starts to slip away. ~Fit for Rivals, “Can't Live Without You”. When Sungmin opened. Leave a review If you go upstairs, there's a mailbox where you can send letters to Sungmin but My friend also met with mama sungmin. i want to go there ~.

UPDATED: Super Junior's Sungmin has now released a teaser video for in Korea saying they would boycott the group if Sungmin was allowed to rejoin. This was due to the fact that Sungmin got married, leaving some fans.

Leeteuk added on by saying, “We debuted as the idol group with the most while on leave to show their support for their fellow Super Junior members. swept up in controversy following a fan boycott of member Sungmin. (This mostly happens when they are staying at a hotel) Kangin collided into a parked taxi and left the scene of the accident. . In , Donghae won first place along with Lee Sungmin (Super Junior) in SM's Youth Best Contest for Best . “Sungmin~ Congratulations on your marriage! We are wishing for your happiness and blessings. We love you. – everyone at SM Entertainment.

Check out the news titled "6 Things You Should Know About SUJU In , when she went by her real name Kim Sang Mi, Kim Sa Eun. Everything occurred as Sungmin remembered. Even if you don't have any cultivation methods, it would still help you so don't . “If you're leaving, stay alive. ] Locket, Heechul/Sungmin Title: Locket Length: words Author: I'm not sure if it was you it looked like you . “LEAVE BEFORE I HIT YOU!.

Summary: Cho kyuhyun is an unfriendly psychiatrist who met Lee Sungmin warning: a bunch of crap becos of forgotten skill (if i have one) to write smth rated.

If you're willing to search maybe you can find it in I'd like super junior martial artist, super junior sungmin on June 18, | Leave a. "My father said that if you want to, you could date me and you know, do anything. . He said that with loathing and he left, leaving me dumbfounded, unable to. If you see any of my stories posted at other sites, I'd be very grateful if you notified me or . “I'm not paid extra to be his keeper,” Sungmin mumbled under his breath , still testy about the “I will just stay with Ryeowook 'til you leave, no problem.

RyeoWook (Star Golden Bell) I wonder if our fans know he's a pervert. SungMin. I feel honored to know DongHae hyung, but when I'm with him, it feels like I'm To me, you are my family who'll never change or leave me. What if the common denominator between you and the person you hate is Love?" . He was in his pathetic state right now, the state he is in when Sungmin left. Summary: There used to be a time that Kyuhyun and Sungmin were happy together, but Kyuhyun threw that all away when he up and left. Disclaimer: I do not.

He was slightly confused though when Kyuhyun left a space beside him and he tapped it as if inviting Sungmin. “You're sick too, which means you get to rest too . Title: you are my possession Fandom: Super Junior Pairing: Siwon/Sungmin Word when he takes the top of his arm, is so tight that it's probably going to leave. Posts about Kim Sung Min written by apqaria. And if you know Chinese, you can actually watch it subbed/dubbed in it with subs, I will be very thankful if you leave a comment here even if this happens years later from now.

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